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What is going on with the abnormality of the air heater?
There are two general conditions for opening the air heater. One is to turn on the air heater and turn off the air heater when the air conditioner is turned on. After more than 20 minutes, he will automatically turn on the air heater. You are pressing The air heater is turned on or off without any reaction. The other is that the air heater is not turned on when the air conditioner is turned on. After ten minutes, the air heater will not turn on even if you press the button on the remote control. How should we solve this problem?
When the air conditioner is in the heating mode, the air heater function is automatically turned on. When the air heater function is not needed, the air heater function can be turned off by pressing the strong button; when the air conditioner is heating, the outdoor opportunity is frosted, which is related to the local temperature and humidity. The defrosted snow forms water and flows down through the flowing water hole under the chassis, so it feels that the outdoor unit is leaking.
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