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How to solve the scale of the parking heater
We know that some parking heaters use water as a medium for heating. Because there is no uniform industry standard for water quality in China, some areas have high water and mineral content. Long-term use of such water quality will cause the parking heater to be on the inner wall. A layer of scale is attached, which not only seriously affects the heating effect of the heater, but also blocks the water flow pipe, thereby forming a fault of the parking heater.
For the scale of the parking heater, there are already many mature technologies to eliminate, let's take a look at it:
(1) Pharmacy eradication: A scale inhibitor has been developed for the scale component, and it participates in the parking heater to soften the scale in the parking heater and reach the eradication effect.
(2) Magnetization anti-scaling means that the water quality is magnetized, thereby softening the scale, making it difficult to coagulate and not easily relying on the inner wall.
(3) Ion bar anti-scaling: It is an emerging anti-scaling method. Nowadays, some large heaters and central air conditioners generally choose this method.
(4) Sodium ion softening treatment: refers to the use of a solvent containing sodium ions to participate in the heat transfer liquid, so that it will reach the role of softening scale and eradicating scale.
The scale of the parking heater needs to be sorted in time, otherwise it will affect the operation. The 1 mm scale will reduce the heating effect by 10%, and the effect is very significant.
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