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Causes and cleaning methods of car parking and air heating
After the car parking heater (air heating/wind heating) forms a carbon deposit, once the carbon deposit is not cleaned up in time, a large amount of accumulation will occur, which will cause the heater to fail to fire and the heater to smoke.
The reason for the air heater (air heating / wind heating) carbon deposit:
There are two reasons for the accumulation of carbon in the car parking air heater, that is, the fuel is not fully burned and the quality of the oil is low. The low quality of the oil is the main reason.
1. Insufficient fuel combustion: When the pump oil quantity is longer than the demand quantity, the combustion of the fuel in the combustion chamber is not enough to form carbon deposits. At this time, the heater can be dryly burned 3~5 times without pumping oil. Do not relieve the need to clean up the carbon deposits.
2, the quality of oil is low: many drivers use oil from small gas stations. These oils are used in professional terms to refer to low refining and blending oils, which incorporate a lot of biodiesel smelted by waste oil. The impurities in these low quality oils are more More, the water is larger, there are more particles and other substances after burning, and long-term accumulation leads to carbon deposit in the combustion chamber. Therefore, Yuhao Technology recommends that the majority of drivers use high-quality fuel.
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